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This is our current roster of our not-yet committed players. To see the full list of our committed players, click here.

 Graduating Class of 2019

  • Lydia Rush (Xavier College Preparatory)
  • Makenna Fullford (Red Mountain High School)
  • Tatum Shuckhart (Desert Vista High School)
  • Breanna Carrington (Perry High School)
  • Cassie Kuhler (Xaiver College Preparatory)
  • Lauren Lykens (Xaiver College Preparatory)
  • Taylor Pope (Sandra Day O'Connor)
  • Mikaela DiSalvo (Williams Field High School)
  • Ciara Eades (Desert Vista High School)
  • Victoria Frost (Pinnacle High School)
  • Piper Welch (Seton Catholic Preparatory)

Graduating Class of 2020

  • Brooke Blutreich (Desert Vista High School)
  • Abby Converse (Xavier College Preparatory)
  • Analy Carbine (Xavier College Preparatory)
  • Ciella Harrison (Dana Hills High School)
  • Emma Poly (Campo Verde High School)
  • Alyssa Garber (Desert Mountain High School)

 Graduating Class of 2021

  • Serena Turner (Xaiver College Preparatory)
  • Emily Riggins (Desert Vista High School)
  • Jelina Lynch (Cactus Shadows High School)
  • Katie Haas (Desert Vista High School)
  • Gabby Valadez (Perry High School)

 Graduating Class of 2022

  • Katie Anthony

 Graduating Class of 2023

  • Sarah James
  • Kendall Murphy
  • Kaydon Meyers

 Graduating Class of 2024